Bluegrass Camp Germany 2022


*Bluegrass Camp Germany 2022 is Officially Cancelled!!!*

Dear Bluegrass Camp Germany 2022 participants,

Bluegrass Camp Germany 2022 has been cancelled!

Our facility, The Achatswies Educational Center, has recently informed us that due to covid, they will not be able to host our camp in 2022.

*Early Bird Offer for 2023**
For everyone who has already paid their tuition or are confirmed, we would like to offer you this…

If you would like to join us next year, we are making a **one time only offer** for those wishing to bypass the refund process…

**Attend 2023 for the price of 2020/2021/2022 camp!**
The amount will be credited towards your participation in 2023 and will not be transferred back. This keeps your registration confirmed and saves the price increase of ca. € 100.-

In the future, due to complications with our “pre-registration list”, it will no longer be possible to register in advance by email, SMS text or …a wink, a smile and a handshake.

All registrations will be received and confirmed based on their arrival date. All payments will be required no later than 4 weeks after your registration has been received. We will soon make the 2021 registration forms available on our website.

Teaching Team for 2023

We are in negotiations with our entire 2020 teaching team at the moment to have them all return in 2023 and we hope to run this back, one more time, the right way.

We hope everyone understands that our decision to cancel was multi faceted and a difficult one but we held out till the 11th hour.

All the best from Munich,

Mike & Rudiger